Substitute teacher payment

Only teachers 'active' on the NISTR service can be booked. 

Make sure you have your TR23 complete if necessary to ensure you receive payment of salary.  The TR23 form and TR23 guidance are on the DE Teacher Pay Team page.

Steps to payment

  1. School user creates a booking
  2. Booking is accepted by a substitute teacher or by the school user on their behalf
  3. Substitute teacher works the booking
  4. School user signs off worked days before the next DE payroll cut off date.  The cut off date is generally in the first few days of the next month to allow end of month days to be signed off.  A school user can see the next cut off date when they login.  Any bookings not signed off before the DE cut off date will not be paid - they will have to wait until the next sign off date process. 
  5. Payment for all approved periods of substitute teaching is made on a monthly basis by DE Teachers Pay Team.  Days signed off in time are paid on the 12th working day of the month following the days worked.


Voluntary Grammar schools submit monthly returns to the Department of Education’s Teachers Pensions Team detailing employee and employer scheme contributions as well as service details for all substitute teachers.  Substitute teachers working in a Voluntary Grammar school are paid directly by the school and not the DE Teachers Pay Team.

The NISTR system will send users emails regarding bookings and them being signed off, but you can also log into the system and view your bookings.

Also read our Who to contact and when page.

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