Time period availability and schools

When you register on NISTR system you have to set your daily time period availability and which schools you wish to Include.  

This can be updated by logging in at https://login.nistr.org.uk, clicking the My Details menu option and going to section 7: Availability and Schools.


Time slots you have not ticked will be set as Unavailable for each week on that time period.  The example below (first image) shows a user not wanting to be booked any Monday.  This is then also reflected on their calendar (second image).


Set the distance you are willing to travel ('as the crow flies').  These schools will then be included in the list of schools you are willing to work at.  You can also click the Include or Exclude button beside any school name.

Not Being Found

Schools may not find you for a booking if;

  • you have not the appropriate daily time period ticked or manually set as Available in your calendar (having no time periods ticked means you will be completely unavailable).
  • the school is Excluded (login and click Include button beside the school name).
Availability and schools


On the calendar you can use the Change button to override a set unavailable time slot, for example if you wanted to work on a particular Monday in the sample below.

Calendar 1
Sample: not available any Monday as set under section 7: Availability and Schools


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