Calendar availability and management

By default on the NISTR service the availability of a substitute teacher is set to unconfirmed.  

 The Terms of Use for the NISTR system state that (14.5) The Substitute Teacher User undertakes to manage their availability, keeping it up to date on the NISTR Service.

The onus is on the substitute teacher to login and manage their availability changing 'unconfirmed' to 'available' (or unavailable).  The system will allow management of the next 30 calendar days from the current login date.  Automatic emails will be sent from the system to remind substitute teacher users to manage availability.

Bookings can be made when a substitute teacher is marked as 'available' or 'unconfirmed'. This permits the creation of current, future and retrospective bookings.

Sort Order Advantage

When a school creates a booking the matching teachers sort order will be by substitute teachers who have marked themselves as 'available' first and then by and 'unconfirmed'.  This default order will show schools a more accurate list of substitute teachers who are actively available to work in the short term.


If a substitute teacher has not logged into or been booked on the system within a 90 day period their default availability will be set to 'inactive', and thus they will not be shown in booking search results (can’t be booked).  On their next login default availability will revert back to 'unconfirmed'. To be listed in booking searches you must manage your availability as stated in the system Terms of Use (14.5).  The system will send automatic login reminder emails.

Training Video

This training video will help you learn how to manage your 30 day calendar availability.

To view the view in FULL SCREEN click the full screen square icon at the bottom right of the video.  Depending on device you are watching the video on, you may have to touch video for full screen square to display.

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