NEW School Registration

Before a Northern Ireland school can become 'active' on the NISTR booking system,  school registration details must be provided.

School Registration details required

The school principal must send an email to from their email address with the following information;

  • school name
  • principal full name
  • school address
  • school postcode
  • education phase
  • telephone number
  • fax number if applicable
  • DE school number (7digits)
  • school web address if applicable

NOTE: A new school on the system would include amalgamated schools.  If this is the case please provide details of the schools to be archived.  Please note you must have all bookings complete on these schools and confirm that all necessary payments have been processed.

What Happens Next

  1. NISTR administration staff will contact the school to confirm the details
  2. NISTR Administration staff will add the school on the system.  By system default the principal is created as the school PRIMARY user.  This will allow the principal to add and manage school users.  
  3. NISTR Administration staff will email a NISTR school user guide to the principal.  This will detail the first login.

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