Booking and booking queries

A school user must create a booking before being provided the SEARCH FOR STAFF button.  This is to promote that a booking is created in a timely fashion that is not detrimental to other end users. 

Retrospective Bookings

A school user making a retrospective booking has a detrimental effect on the NISTR Service as the Substitute Teacher to be booked will be shown as available on the system until the booking is added. This could cause other School Users to contact the Substitute Teacher User and thus causing unnecessary time and cost for end users.        


Once the SEARCH FOR STAFF button is clicked it will only list substitute teachers that match the booking criteria.  Substitute teachers who have actively marked themselves as available will be shown first in the matching teachers list (bold TR number indicates marked available). The system allows booking of available or unconfirmed.

FIND a particular substitute teacher

Search for a particular substitute teacher in Matching Teachers by use of the First Name and/or Surname boxes, and then clicking the SEARCH button. To sort by previously used teachers click the Previous header.

CAN'T FIND a particular substitute teacher

Reasons a teacher cannot be found include;

  • If all NISTR registration stages are not complete for a substitute teacher they will not be active on the system for booking.  A school should not book a substitute teacher until they are live on the system.  This is to make sure all the necessary checking processes are complete before they work in a school. 
  • you have already booked them (check Daily Overview under bookings)
  • another school has booked them (contact substitute teacher)
  • your booking has a subject or key stage added that the teacher does not have marked on their list of teaching subjects or key stages (contact substitute teacher)
  • they are marked unavailable for at least part of the booking (contact substitute teacher).
  • the substitute teacher has not got your school in their school include list(contact substitute teacher).

If you have to contact NISTR staff you must;

email with the follow details

  • the Substitute teacher name, and NISTR ID or TR number (can be more that one person with the same name)
  • the booking reference (will allow NISTR to check complete booking details)
  • If you do not have a booking reference then supply
    • the school name including postcode (can be more than one school with the same name)
    • the date(s) you tried to book the substitute teacher for

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