Communication to all Substitutes in the NISTR ‘Live’ Pool

9 July 2020

Dear Colleague

Firstly we would like to thank all substitute teachers for their hard work and effort throughout the 19/20 school year. We have a number of important updates for all teachers on the NISTR register.

School Restart

As you may already be aware, the Department of Education has announced that the start of term will be 24 August for Primary 7, Year 12, Year 14 and for all vulnerable children. We ask all substitute teachers to update their calendar with their availability from 17 August onwards in preparation for school restart and the return of some year groups from 24 August onwards. A teacher will not be directed to work on more than 195 days or 1265 hours in the academic year as a direct consequence of the change to restart date.

Summer Schemes


A number of schools have indicated that they will be running summer schools to help children whose learning has been impacted by COVID-19. As some substitute teachers may be required to support the running of these schemes, we would ask substitute teachers who are willing to work in July and August to update their calendars.

Planned Archiving of Inactive Substitute Teacher Accounts


Consistent feedback from schools indicates that despite the large number of substitute teachers on the register, many Principals find it difficult and time-consuming to identify and book a substitute teacher. This is partly due to the large number of substitute teachers who are still on the register, and who appear in search results, but no longer wish to work as a substitute. To help alleviate this, over the summer we will be completing an archiving exercise. NISTR accounts will be archived where the teacher, within the 18/19 or 19/20 school years either:

  • has not logged in and updated their calendar; OR
  • has not been booked and paid.

We plan to complete this archiving exercise in the first two weeks in August.

If you have not been active on NISTR within the past two school years and you do not wish your NISTR account to be archived you must log on and update your calendar by Friday 31 July.

Substitute teachers who work in Voluntary Grammar schools please note that as VG schools run their own individual payrolls, information on last payment date is not readily available to the NISTR team. If you work in a VG school and have not logged on and updated your calendar in line with the above dates, please do this by Friday 31 July.

We sincerely thank you for your support and dedication as a substitute teacher and wish you a happy and healthy summer.

a happy and healthy summer.

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